Our History

DDE Limited was founded by George Attard, in the early 1950’s. As a young entrepreneur, George, also known in the local industry as ‘Il-Pickless’, started purchasing military supplies which he then sold on the local market.

As business started picking up, and operating under the former company name George Attard & Sons, he quickly realised that some of the supplies he was accumulating which included ferrous and non-ferrous items, were more suitable to an international audience.

In 1996, the company underwent restructuring and changed its name to DDE Attard Ltd. The nature of the business was also reviewed and diversified to include other related sectors to allow commercial self-sustainability and a higher quality in the provision of services.

Today, DDE Attard Ltd has established itself as one of the largest scrapyards on the island and enjoys a solid reputation with both its client base and with major public entities.

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